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I can hardly believe I'm starting my last transfer! Time has gone so fast! - 08/25/14

Melbourne Mission Moments 08/25/14

Wow. Time flies so much! I feel like I was emailing just two days ago! I don't even know what happened this week but I'll try to fill you all in.

At Sister's P-Day

Monday we had our Sister's p-day at the mission office. It was so fun to see all the sisters. We all tie-dyed T shirts and played games and just enjoyed the sisters’ company. It is Sister Maxwell's birthday this week so we had a couple of members in our ward that have a cake business bake a cake and we surprised her with it and everyone sang to her. The cake was amazing and Sister Maxwell was so surprised! We had to drive through the city on the way home and drop off the sisters there. By the time we got back to our area, we just had time to go to our appointment for that night. We went to a young couple’s home who got sealed about 2 years ago. They are so sweet! They LOVE having the missionaries in their home and we love being with them.

Tuesday morning we had our last district meeting of the transfer. After that Sister W and I went to have lunch with a young mum in the ward. After our lunch with her we went to see a less-active man who we found last week named D. D hasn't been to church since he was 14 but we were able to have a really good lesson with him and his daughter. I could really tell that somewhere deep down, he still had a spark of testimony. I'm looking forward to working with him to rekindle that fire!
With our District
With our Zone Leaders

Wednesday we had lunch with "Aunty and Uncle K." They are the sweetest couple in the world. After lunch we were talking about Preach My Gospel with them and it was cool to see Aunty K's face light up as we explained that she could study it as well. She had thought it was only for full-time missionaries. I think that a lot of people think that. Preach My Gospel is truly a tool for all of us! There is so much good that we can learn as we study it. If you're not studying Preach My Gospel on a regular basis, please start now!! That afternoon we picked up Sister L and we went out to visit some people. We saw K T and had a lesson about the temple. The spirit was so strong. K expressed her desires to make it to the temple this year to be sealed as a family. As I bore testimony of the sealing power and of eternal families, I got a little choked up. I am so so grateful that my family has been sealed in the temple! And there is nothing that I want more than to marry in the temple myself. That evening we had dinner with another family. Brother K used to be a chef so dinner was amazing! After dinner we had our weekly coordination meeting with Brother S, our ward mission leader. I know I've said it basically every week but he is so awesome!

Thursday morning we had to drive to Deer Park for District Leader Council( DLC) with the Zone Leaders and District Leaders there. Then we came back and had DLC with our zone leaders and district leaders. After our meetings finished, we met Sister N for lunch. After lunch we had to get our weekly planning done. We did some finding before our dinner because we really wanted to find a new investigator that day but we were unsuccessful. After dinner, we only had about 45 minutes. We decided to try a name on the ward list, hoping to find a part-member family. We knocked on the door and a man named P answered. He explained that they had recently moved into the home and the people we were looking for had moved out. We started talking with him and he is really prepared! We were able to have a short lesson at the door and we have a return appointment for this week! It was one of those "last house" stories!
Wearing our Tie-Dyed shirts from Sister's P-Day
Because we knew that our weekend would be pretty busy and we didn't want to have to be stressed out to find new investigators on Sunday we decided to make Friday a finding day! We went out in the morning and we saw miracles! We were able to find two new investigators before lunch! One was named F. He's from NZ and right off the bat, he asked if we had a church in the area that he could come to! He is so prepared! As we were talking with him, I could absolutely picture him in white! I'm looking forward to seeing him on Wednesday! We had lunch that afternoon with the H's and then we did service for a few hours for Sister H. She was getting ready for a house inspection so we pulled tons of weeds in her yard. After service, we went out to see if we could find one more new investigator. We did some tracting and we met some good people but no one that could become a new investigator. We left to go back to our car a little discouraged that we hadn't reached our goal. When we got to the car, I noticed a girl at the bus stop across the road. I almost didn't talk to her because we needed to head to our dinner appointment but then the spirit corrected me. I walked over and started talking to her. She is from the Philippines and is so sweet! She has visited the church before with her Aunty in the Philippines who is a member! We were able to have a lesson right there at the bus stop and we will go back to see her this week! Again, one of those "last person" stories!

Saturday morning we were with the youth in our ward doing a service project. That afternoon we had a lesson with P and her daughters. We taught them the restoration and it went so well! The little girls especially loved it! At the end one said, "Can you come over every Saturday?!" It was so cute! And it turns out they are already friends with some members in our ward! Saturday night some members put on a surprise farewell party for Sister W. It was really sweet of them and I think Sister W really really appreciated it!

Sunday morning we had breakfast with our ward mission leader and his family. After that we went to see a part-member family before church. Church was really good! We had several investigators come and a lot of less-actives which was really good! After church, we basically spent the time visiting people so Sister W can say goodbye.
With our ward mission leader's family

Me and Sister W 
Sunday Florals
I am really looking forward to this next six weeks! I can hardly believe I'm starting my last transfer! Time has gone so fast! I am so grateful that I get to spend it in Tarneit! I can't wait to find out who my companion is tomorrow! 

I love you all so so much!

Love y'all heaps!
Sister Baker xxx

Enjoy BYU football this weekend!!!! Go cougs!!!

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