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Man, I wish I knew more about family history. - 05/26/14

Tassie Times

Well, this week we had such good week!!

On Monday we went with one of the most awesome members in the ward into Launceston. We wanted to go grocery shopping there because the cheaper store is there and we only have the more expensive one in Deloraine. We saved so much money being able to go there which was awesome. And you should have seen our cart—it was full of nothing but healthy food. Seriously, everything was so healthy. The most unhealthy thing there was bread. Ha, so that was good. We also went to one of my favourite clothes shops in Australia—Rivers. I got a whole new really cute outfit. I love it so much that I decided that I would wear it to Zone Conference and then put it away and save it to be my coming home outfit. :)

Monday night we had dinner with the Stake President and their family. They are such wonderful people who really live the gospel. I love them. After that we had a lesson with S. She has some real health challenges. As we were with her, I felt so much love for her. We are trying to help her to feel the spirit and understand that she is a daughter of God.

Tuesday morning we were helping in the family history center. Sometimes I feel so bad because I don't know how to answer people's questions. But I'm slowly learning and figuring things out. After family history a YSA girl came to pick us up. She was chauffeuring us around for the day because our car was getting repaired/serviced. We spent a bit of the afternoon doing some tracting. Then we saw cute Nana Trixie and had a lesson about the spirit and the light of Christ. Then we went to go teach the boy who we are helping to get ready for baptism. They had forgotten about the appointment and the dad had taken the kids somewhere but the mum was home and let us in. She was having a really rough day and needed someone to just listen so it was good to be able to do that for her. Tuesday night we had dinner with a cute older couple in the ward. Haha G is 88 and is hilarious. I love older people, they're so cute. :)

Wednesday was such a good day! We went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, Sister R and Sister S. I got to be with Sister Roberts the whole day which was really great. :) We did a fair bit of tracting in the morning and we met some good potentials. Then we had a lesson with S. She was having a really bad day and when we got to her house. We sang some hymns which seemed to really help her mood. I feel like I've been taking the role of a listener a lot lately which has been good. I know that the Savior would do the same thing--just sit and listen to people. After our lesson with S we saw a cute Filipino lady in the ward. Then we visited C and her kids and had a quick lesson about prophets. Then we went to a house for dinner.
Thursday morning the Zone Leaders came with us to S's house to give her a blessing and also to bless her home. It was perfect. Sarah felt the Spirit so strongly. After they left we were able to read the Book of Mormon with her and the spirit was so strong.

Thursday afternoon we went to go visit a less active young mum in the ward. They live kind of up on the hill. It poured rain while we were there and got really muddy. When we went to leave, our car got stuck in the mud... It's a good thing that her fiancé was there to get us unstuck. Haha, cause if not, I have no idea what we would have done. That night we had the first ward council with the new bishop which was really good. The ward here is so great. They are going to give S home and visiting teachers even though she's not a member yet so that she has some support.

Friday we spent most of the day at Zone Conference. Have I mentioned before how much I love meetings? Well, I love them. The Zone Conference was so good. I felt so inspired and received a lot of revelation. I'll share a few of my favorite thoughts:
  • A friend is someone who accepts you the way you are but doesn't leave you the way they found you.
  • The war we fought in heaven is continued here on earth--President Maxwell is commander who knows what to do and how to do it. He knows how to keep us safe and how to win the war.
  • Ether 3:1-6. Our investigators can be likened unto the stones. We need to prepare them so that they can be touched by the Lord.
  • Regret test-- if I choose to do this now, will I regret it tomorrow, next week, next year, etc.?
  • Help your companion to be obedient. Does it really matter if they are annoyed? Will they still be annoyed in the Celestial Kingdom?
  • The adversary is doing everything in his power to bind us under the name of freedom.
  • Become a "YES MAN." Help and serve the members at any opportunity.
  • Own doorsteps. Smile. Remember that everyone you meet is 10% less comfortable than you are.
  • "Difficulties are just things to overcome after all." -Ernest Shackleton. (look him up. He has an incredible story. I don't have time to tell it now.)
  • "The Lord you represent and serve knows you can do this and He will help you."-Elder Bednar
  • If we are quiet and peaceful, we will realize the Lord has been walking in our areas.
I could go on and on. It was such a good conference. I am so grateful for the wonderful leaders we have in this mission, especially President and Sister Maxwell. President Maxwell gives me the best advice and counsel. It was exactly what I needed. Heavenly Father knows me and is so aware of me.

Saturday was a busy day full of work and a bunch of tracting with which we had some good success. We met an aboriginal man who is about 70. We invited him to come to church. He was keen to come so we arranged a ride for him. We were actually quite surprised when he actually came to church. Haha he was wearing a t-shirt that said, "Hot as Hell" which I found so funny. It took everything in me not to crack up laughing. He stayed for almost all of church which was good. Haha but we did find out that he has been to church twice before and he doesn't remember it at all. And that he's an alcoholic. So we'll see how things go trying to teach him.

We've been really trying to apply the things we learned at zone conference, especially about being able to help the members at any opportunity. We've had two really good opportunities so far. Friday night our appointment fell through so we stopped by the chapel to make copies of fliers for an upcoming ward activity. A family in the ward was just getting there to clean the chapel and we were able to help them clean the whole building. As we were leaving, they gave us a really solid referral. We had another opportunity last night. We went to a part-member family's house for dinner. We got there and I picked up their little teacup-poodle who is so cute and I love so much. They said that the dog really needed a bath so we offered to do it and gave the dog a bath and then blow dried her. And we got another really solid referral from them which was really good!

We had such a good week. We taught 27 lessons which is more than I think I've ever had in Australia. We are finding more people to build our teaching pool. Things are going really well. I love being a missionary so much!

I love you all heaps and heaps!


Sister Baker xxx

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