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I am falling in love with family history.... It's addicting! - 06/02/14

Tassie Times

I can't believe it's been another week! Time seriously goes by so fast!

Monday after we emailed we went with our district to a place called Marakoopa Caves. :) It was so cool. Absolutely beautiful caves underground. It was amazing. And there is a part of the cave that is filled with all of these glow worms. It was so cool. Heavenly Father sure does have some beautiful creations here in Tasmania. After that we hiked up Alum Cliffs (the cliffs sister R and I went to before) so that everyone could see. They didn't really know exactly what to expect but they all loved it, especially Elder P. When he got to the top he said, "Oh my gosh. This is amazing. It's a good thing this isn't in my area or else I would never get any missionary work done." Haha it was pretty funny. He didn't want to ever leave. Monday night after p-day was finished we had a good lesson with S. We taught her the apostasy using a picture that the APs showed us at our Zone Conference and it worked really well. It really helps people to understand the need for a restoration and the importance of the priesthood.
A weird long-haired freaky cow we saw driving out to the caves.
Our district on P-day
Marakoopa Caves

Me and my companion!

Alum Cliffs

At top of Alum Cliffs
Tuesday morning we had our last district meeting of the transfer. We had a really good training on obedience using the story of Samson in Judges. Read it and notice how his small actions of disobedience ultimately caused his downfall. It was really interesting. After our meeting we all had lunch together. Sister R and I brought the American Pancake mix from our flat and everyone else brought toppings. It was really fun. That afternoon we went to our regular Tuesday appointments. We had a good lesson with Nana Trixie and a good lesson with the less active family. That night we had dinner with a part member couple in the ward. She is a member and he is not. We showed them the Mormon message Earthly Father Heavenly Father and the spirit was so strong. I hope we can get them both coming to church soon!
Last district meeting of this transfer!
Wednesday afternoon we had lunch with our new ward mission leader. He is so wonderful. He really has a vision for the work and wants to be really involved. He is what every ward needs. A good ward mission leader helps the work so much. After that we stopped in to see C and her kids. We keep just having to stop by when we are in their area because they are so busy that we can't really set appointments. They were getting ready to leave so we didn't have time for a lesson but it was good to be able to contact them. That evening we went to G and L's for dinner. They are investigators that I told you about my first week here. We haven't been able to have a lesson with them for a long time. But a member works with him and they talk about church things almost every day. We had a really good lesson Wednesday night and he had a few light bulb moments which was really good. And she is getting more involved with the lessons which is awesome.

Thursday morning we were at the family history center and I've been able to connect a few more dots in my family tree. I am falling in love with family history. For years I have felt guilty during general conference when they talked about family history because I wasn't doing it. But now I love it and I wish I could do more of it. It's addicting. I've been studying the Doctrine and Covenants this week and in section 127 I noticed that as Joseph Smith is giving instructions he doesn't say baptisms for the dead but he says baptisms for your dead. Also this morning I was reading Elder Cook's most recent general conference talk about family history. He also talks about the obligation we have to not only do temple work but to do temple work for our own ancestors. I don't want to be a preachy, soap-box missionary but I'm going to be a little bit. If you're not doing family history work, do it. Go to a family history library, watch the online tutorials and get involved in it. I can promise you that it will bring you so much joy.

Thursday afternoon we were going to do some tracting. The second house that we knocked on a woman said from behind the door, "who is it?" we said it's the missionaries! And she opened right up. Turns out that she has been taught before and knows a lot of the members well. She invited us right in. She's from Nigeria. We were able to have a really good lesson with her and we have a return appointment for this week which I'm really excited about!

Friday morning we got up at 6:00 to go walking with S. She really needs to get out of her house more so we are going to walk with her about once a week in the morning. We had a flat inspection by the real estate people that day so we got the flat nice and clean. When the lady got there, she came in for all of about 2 minutes and said that it looked good and then she left. I didn't know that qualifies as an inspection but whatever. That afternoon we did some more tracting with a little bit of success. Funny thing though-- we talked to one guy who was wearing a Yankees hat and a Dodgers shirt. And he didn't even know what either of them were. Haha.

Saturday morning we had another lesson with S. She had her two little kids there so it was a bit crazy but we were able to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with her. Sister R and I both had terrible colds on Saturday so we were at the flat for a bit of the afternoon trying to get feeling better. Good news was by yesterday morning I felt pretty much as good as new.

Sunday was really good. G and L both came to church for the full three hours. I love Fast Sundays and hearing people bear their testimonies. I wasn't at all planning on bearing my testimony but when the spirit prompts, you have to follow. I am so grateful for the many many opportunities I have as a missionary to bear my testimony and share the things that I know with others. As I share simple truths that I have known my whole life, my own testimony is deepened and strengthened.

Another thing, we got transfer news on Saturday night. I didn't know at all what to expect. They called and told us that Sister R would be leaving and I would be staying. AND that I will be training again. I was shocked. I didn't expect at all to train again. But I'm looking forward to it. In a way, training is like a fresh slate. You get a brand new missionary who knows nothing about you and I get to show her exactly what kind of missionary I am and want to be. I am really looking forward to digging in with my golden, being exactly obedient and working hard.

Sister R flies out tonight and my golden won't get here until Wednesday night so I will be spending the next few days with the Launceston sisters which I'm looking forward to.

I love being a missionary. I want to use every second of the time that I have left to its fullest. Time is going way too fast. I love it here. I never want it to end.

Even though they scare me, Australia has the most beautiful birds!

Love you all heaps!

Sister Baker xxx

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