Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oh what a WONDERFUL place the temple is! - 9/22/13

Melbourne Mission Moments
Well, another transfer has come and gone. I can't believe this transfer is over. It went by so fast!! 
On Monday we spent the whole afternoon at the chapel playing volleyball with the other missionaries in our zone. I LOVE the missionaries in our zone. As a missionary your zone kind of becomes your family. 
Wednesday morning we got to go to the temple!  They had the new video which is AMAZING and I basically sat and wept the entire session. I am so grateful that we have a temple here in our mission and that we are able to go every three months. I feel bad that Phillip [Sis. Baker’s brother serving in Peru] doesn't get to go any more for the rest of his mission. That would be hard. I love being in the temple. The spirit is so strong there. I went to the temple with some questions and I got the answers that I needed. I had a really special experience while I was praying in the Celestial Room. I could see Mom, Dad and McKay at home in the family room and Phillip in Peru, all of you on your knees praying for me. I felt so close to home and so overwhelmingly loved. It was exactly what I needed. I needed to feel that love. A mission is hard and while I have a wonderful companion and people who love me here, no one can love you quite like your family does. I am so grateful to have the family that I do. You guys are the best! 

After the temple we went to the little girl who is in the hospital. I can't remember if I told you about her but she and her mom are investigators. About six weeks ago she had major surgery to have an egg-sized brain tumor removed. She is doing so well! She has re-learned how to walk again and she was so excited to see us. She was showing us all over the hospital and pushing us around in a wheelchair. I have no doubt in my mind that someday she is going to be able to talk and be completely normal. And when she is like that, she will remember the missionaries that came to visit her in the hospital and she will want to get baptized. 
On Saturday morning our phone rang and it was President Maxwell. He asked my companion and me to both train this coming transfer. So we are being split up. And guess what, I am staying in the area! I can't believe I'm staying here again. But I love the ward and I know that there is something here that I need to do. My companion got a phone call from the APs on Saturday night and they asked her to go to TASMANIA! There have not been sisters there for almost 4 years but they are sending sisters there again!! So there's a huge possibility now that I will get to serve in Tazzy before I go home! Cool huh?! I'm excited for this upcoming transfer! I am looking forward to training a new missionary. I am sure it will allow me to grow a lot. Really, it's my first time training cause my companion now  was already trained. But yeah, I feel like good things are to come this transfer.
My companion and I are going in to the city today. We are going to a place called the Eureka tower. It is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. They have this thing called the sky deck that we are going to. It's like a glass platform clear up at the top of the building. You'll have to Google it. It should be a lot of fun! 
Tomorrow is transfer meeting. Sister T goes home which I'm really sad about. I've gotten really close to her and love her so much. I've lived in the same flat with her the whole time that I've been in Australia so it will be sad to see her go. 
Our oven is crazy. We don't really use it much. We make pasta and soups and stuff. I have learned to LOVE pumpkin soup. One of my favorite foods here by far. My companion and I run in the mornings. I'm learning to not hate running. And my next companion is going to have to keep doing it with me. Haha 
Phillip- Sounds like things are going great for you in Peru! Keep working hard and praying hard. The language will come. And don't worry I'm praying for you. Also, they do the date like that here in Australia too (listing the day before the month). It drove me CRAZY for the first little while that I was here. I just write all my dates as "23 Sep 2013" because unless I spell out the month I get way too confused. 

The church is true. I'm so grateful for the gospel and the countless blessings it has brought into my life. 
Love ya'll HEAPS!!

Sister Baker

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