Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Miracles in Churchill Park - 7/1/13

Wow. I can't believe it's already July!! It's crazy to me, especially because it's cold here. Sounds like you guys have had hot as weather. (everyone in Australia adds "as" to everything: hot as, cold as, skinny as, long as, etc.) 
This past week has been SO good. I've really been trying to increase my faith so that we can see miracles happen here in Churchill Park. This week we received a miracle named Ryan.
On Thursday afternoon we had some appointments with some people who we had met on Tuesday and Wednesday who seemed really awesome and we thought that there was real potential with them. But every single appointment fell through. So we had several hours with nothing to do so we prayed to be led to those who have been prepared. We decided to go do some more tracting in another area of the ward. As we were driving there, I had the thought, "we should go to the library." It was nothing big, just a thought. But I've learned that is how the spirit often works for me. I don't have these huge AH-HA moments but just small simple thoughts. So I drove to the library instead. I'm SO grateful that I listened to that prompting. As we were walking into the library we saw this guy standing outside. At first I walked past him but I remembered that we had set a goal that morning to talk to EVERYONE so I turned around and started talking to him. I found out that his name is Ryan (he's 24) and that he had seen us before at the train station. He was super interested in our message and we set an appointment to meet with him on Friday. Then we went inside the library and this girl stopped us and asked what ward we were in. We assumed that she was a member so we asked what ward she was in. She told us that she had been going to church and meeting with the missionaries and preparing for baptism in another area but that she had moved down here and didn't know where the church was and hadn't heard anything from missionaries. We got her information and found out that she lives in our zone leaders' area so we were able to get her information to them and now she's getting baptized on the 27th of this month! 
On Friday we had our appointment with Ryan. The lesson went so well! We were still introducing ourselves and using the how to begin teaching points when I told him, "As you come to know these things for yourself you will have a desire to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized." He cut me off and said, "Yeah I want to get baptized, how do I do that?" That NEVER happens. It was amazing. He is so prepared. He is getting baptized on July 13th! He came with us to a baptism on Saturday and we were able to give him a church tour and teach him again before it started and then went with the YSA to their activity that night. Then he came to church yesterday and came to the mission president fireside last night. Usually it is like pulling teeth to get people to actually come to those things but he was more than willing. While we were in the church he kept saying, "This feels like home." It was so wonderful! I know that Heavenly Father has been preparing Ryan for a few years now and I know that we were led to him. 
Saturday the baptism that we went to with Ryan was for two sisters. The Elders in our ward have been teaching them but we have been interacting with them a lot too. They are from Zimbabwe and are so beautiful! The Elders asked if I would take them before the baptism and help them get changed and everything. Right before we left the bathroom the one sister just started to cry. She expressed so many feelings to me and I was so glad to be able to be there to listen to her and to calm her fears. We were able to say a prayer and the spirit was so strong. It was such a wonderful time to spend with her right before her baptism.
Last night was the mission president's fireside. They do firesides once a month for the missionaries to bring their recent converts and investigators to. President and Sister Lifferth were there as well as President and Sister Maxwell. It was a fantastic meeting. Afterwards we said our final goodbyes to the Lifferths and briefly met the Maxwells. There were definitely some tears shed. I am sad to see the Lifferths go. They are such wonderful people. But I'm also really excited to work with the Maxwells. They seem really nice and I know that it will be great. Last night I prayed for confirmation to know that President Maxwell has been called by the Lord to be our mission president and I definitely got that confirmation. We have a meeting with them on Thursday this week to get to know them better.
One last thought. I was thinking this morning about how the mission is the only time you have that you truly get to give EVERYTHING that you have to the Lord… all of your time, efforts, EVERYTHING. I found this quote by Elder Neal A. Maxwell that I love. "Consecration thus constitutes the only unconditional surrender which is also a total victory!"

I love serving a mission. It is such a wonderful opportunity. 
Love y'all heaps!

Sister Baker

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these on here! I read each and every one and i love her experiences she's sharing! It seriously brings back so many warm memories of my mission and I'm so happy to hear that she's doing so well and loving her mission! (: