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Being Sick on the Mission is the WORST... - Melbourne Missionary Moments - 7/8/13

Our Flat

Man. What a week. This week was not the typical week of the mission.
Last Monday after P-Day we had dinner at the Maugers. They are such amazing people. I'm tellin ya, I feel so at home and so loved by them. It was just Sis. Mauger and their daughter there because Bro. Mauger was flying home but it was great to be there with them. Sis. Mauger is a wonderful cook so we're always excited when they sign up to feed us! By the time we were getting ready for bed Monday night I was starting to not feel very well. 

Our Study Room in our Flat
When I woke up Tuesday morning I felt SO sick. I had the biggest headache and it was making me feel nauseous and everything and I felt like my head was as big as a hot air balloon. Let me tell ya, being sick on the mission is the WORST. Another sister here was also sick (sicker than me) so they asked if I would just stay with her all day. So I was in the flat all day on Tuesday. I slept a LOT, I think my body was just exhausted. But I felt terrible about not being out and doing work. I also spent several hours reading the Book of Mormon. I almost have read the whole thing now since I've been out and I absolutely love it. I am learning so much EVERY time that I read. Since being a missionary I've really come to appreciate the Book of Mormon more and I realize that I've really taken it for granted most of my life. It truly is such a huge blessing to have it to read and study and it truly does help us to grow closer to Jesus Christ and understand his role as our Savior more. So yeah, I felt bad not being able to be out doing missionary work but it was probably a good thing though to let my body kind of re-coup and have time to get better. Tuesday was the only day that I felt really sick but since then I've had a bit of a cold but finally today I feel back to 100 percent.
Sister Baker with President & Sister Maxwell
On Thursday morning we had a meeting with President and Sister Maxwell to get to know them better. Let me tell you, they are incredible! President Maxwell is a gentle giant. He has such a great knowledge of the scriptures and has such a light about him. Sister Maxwell just feels like having a mother out here. She is really sweet and when you talk to her you can tell that she just really loves each of the missionaries. I told her about our relation [she is my mom’s second cousin] and she was excited about that.  Before we left the meeting my companion got really dizzy and almost passed out and felt like she was going to throw up. Our Zone Leaders gave her a blessing and then we went straight home. She was in a ton of pain from cramping and stuff so she just tried to sleep. She ended up sleeping for 5 hours straight. She had a fever and was really sick. So yet again, I had to sit in the flat all day. That is the worst as a missionary. I just wanted to be out working and teaching.
Friday we did a lot of tracting and were really focusing on finding more investigators. Unfortunately we weren't finding a lot of success and it was a bit discouraging. But I've learned that you can't afford to let yourself get discouraged on the mission. You just have to work harder and pray harder. Friday evening our appointment with an investigator fell through because he was sick (seriously so many people were sick this past week—lots of missionaries and members and investigators. Gross, germs everywhere!) Since our appointment fell through we weren't sure what we were going to do. We decided that we would go to visit a couple of people that live on a street that we had tracted a couple of weeks ago. They expressed mild interest when we were tracting so we decided to go follow up with them. After we parked the car we said a prayer before getting out and I asked Heavenly Father to please bless us to be able to teach a lesson and extend a baptismal invitation that night. The first two houses that we went to follow up with no one was home. We went to the last house and there were no lights on and I was about to not even knock on the door but I felt like we needed to because we didn't have other options. We knocked on the door and a woman answered. We explained that we had met her son a few weeks ago and she invited us right in. Her son wasn't home but she said that she would like to know more. As we sat and talked to her we found out that she had been having a really hard night and had been crying right before we got there. Her husband walked out about a year ago so she is a single mom of 3 teenage boys.  As we started to teach her she started to cry and told us "I feel like this is filling a hole in my heart that I didn't know existed." That's like an exact experience that is talked about in PMG so I was shocked to hear her say that. As we finished teaching the lesson and we invited her to be baptized she immediately accepted and now she is preparing for baptism at the end of this month. She was our miracle for this week. It was amazing to see how Heavenly Father answered our prayer of being able to invite someone to be baptized. I have no doubt that we were led there right when she needed us. She is so prepared. She came to a baptism on Saturday and she loved being in the chapel. We had left a Book of Mormon with her on Friday night and by Saturday morning at the baptism she had read the introduction, the testimonies and half of 1 Nephi! She wasn't able to come to church on Sunday because of a family commitment that she had told us about previously but I know that she will be able to come next week. I'm so excited to teach her again tomorrow. She is so prepared. 
We were also able to teach a family on Saturday. They are doing so well! Their son is really smart and is so excited for his baptism. I've watched as their entire family has changed. It's amazing how much going to church and reading your scriptures and praying does. They are like different people now from when I first met them. The son will be baptized on the 27th of this month and then our next goal is to get them to the temple to be sealed as a family!
Sunday our miracle contact from last week didn't come to church but we were able to teach him after church. We asked him why he didn't come to church and he told us that it is because he thinks that the sabbath is on Saturday and not Sunday. He also expressed some other concerns. He was upset that you have to have an interview before baptism and he doesn't want to necessarily join the church, he said he just wants to be baptized. We were able to address a lot of his concerns and help him to understand better. Right now he says that he doesn't want to commit to baptism in our church. It's hard because he has been SO prepared. Part of me just wanted to throw my hands up in the air and give up. But that's silly. Just because you run into road bumps doesn't mean you can't get over them and work through them. People are not going to accept every commitment and not have any concerns or questions before baptism. This is all just part of the process. I know that as we do all we can to help them and as they pray and really seek to know and understand, everything will work out. Of course there will be road bumps and detours, that's just part of the journey.
There was another mission president fireside last night and he came which was good. It was all about Jesus Christ and how he is the Shepherd and we are the sheep of his flock. He was really touched and before we left he was asking about President Maxwell and saying how he thinks President Maxwell is such a great man. Then he asked if we thought that President Maxwell could baptize him. I was shocked to hear him say that because after our lesson earlier I thought that he wasn't really thinking about baptism right now. I was so happy to hear him ask that. I told him absolutely!
We are still working with another investigator right now. He is slowly making progress and right now we are not sure what is the best thing to do for him next but we are praying hard and I know that Heavenly Father will help us.
We watched the worldwide leadership broadcast and OH MY GOODNESS! Amazing! I basically sat and cried through the entire thing. It was incredible. I want every single member of the entire church to watch it.
I love you all! Thank you for your love and support and prayers!
Love you Heaps!! 
Sister Baker

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