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"Move into the realm of the miraculous"... Having four baptisms this week was so incredible! - 04/07/14

Melbourne Mission Moments

I love being a missionary. Seriously. I am so grateful to be here!

On Monday we went to the city with our Zone and went to the Eureka Sky Deck. It is so fun to be that high up and be able to see all of the city! I love the missionaries in our zone. We had a lot of fun. One fun thing we did was Sister Burton wrote down the name of the longest village in Wales and then we were recording everyone trying to say it. I learned how to say it! The village is called "Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwch-llantysiliogogogoch" No joke. That's really how it's spelled. Crazy right?
Eureka Tower in Melbourne
Monday night we went to see L and the kids and we had FHE with them and another family in the ward. It was really good! L is so excited about doing it every week with her kids.

On Wednesday morning we had Zone Meeting. You know me, I love meetings. We have new zone leaders and they are so great! They gave some awesome training. The mission is going to be focusing a lot on finding families to teach. As we were being trained on this, I was thinking about how grateful I am to be able to teach L and her family. The other thing that I really loved was that they talked about faith and miracles. That is something I have actually been studying a lot lately. Over and over in the scriptures it tells us that miracles are a result of our faith. I am really trying to increase my faith so that I can continue to be blessed with miracles. They shared a quote by Elder Holland where he says to "." I have kind of adopted that as a motto for myself.

Wednesday night we had dinner with some members and had a typical Aussie dinner. They do a meat pie and then put mashed potatoes on top. Aussies are obsessed with their pies.

Thursday evening we had dinner with C's family and then went through the baptismal interview questions with C so he would be ready for his interview on Friday. He is such a smart boy. Basically everything we have taught him or told him, he remembers it. Not only does he remember it but he can repeat it back to you pretty much verbatim. He was so cute. He just kept saying how excited he was to get baptized.

Friday afternoon we went tracting for a few hours and it was terrible. Haha, not a single person gave us the time of day even to tell them who we are. I think normally I would have felt down and discouraged after it but this day I just found the whole thing kind of comical. The very last house that we knocked on the lady opened the door, took one look at us and just slammed the door. At this point I just lost it and could not stop laughing. I think it was one of those situations that you can either laugh or you can cry. Like Sister Hinckley, "I choose to laugh."

Saturday was the best day ever! In the morning L and two of her kids got baptized. Their baptism went perfectly! There were so many people from the ward who came and supported them. The chapel was full! As I watched them get baptized, I just felt overwhelmed with joy. I kept thinking of D&C 18:15-16. My joy was great.  Then as if three baptisms in the morning wasn't enough, in the afternoon C got baptized. His baptism was also wonderful. He was SO happy. And it was really awesome to see how much of their family who are either non-members or inactive came. Such a good day!

C was confirmed at his baptism on Saturday and then L and her kids got confirmed on Sunday in sacrament meeting. L was so happy after she was given the Holy Ghost. She leaned over and whispered to me, "You're right. You can't describe the way this feels. This is amazing." It was so sweet to hear her say that.

Last night we went to an Easter musical fireside which was really good. They sang some of my very favourite songs about the Savior. The song that touched me the most is one that I actually have never heard before called "Peace I Leave with You." It was so beautiful. I'll have to find out who it is by so you can hear it. It was so beautiful.

Having four baptisms this week was so incredible. I am so grateful to be able to assist Heavenly Father in this work. It is such a blessing. I love in Alma 43:45 where it talks about how they were successful because they were inspired by a better cause. What better cause could I be inspired by right now than to be able to bring people unto Christ? This morning I read in Alma 56 about how the stripling warriors talked about how their mothers had taught them. I am so grateful for parents who have taught me the right way and who so unfailingly support me.

Love y'all heaps!
Sister Baker

Yes, the member's house where we saw the kangaroos—they do live "out in the country." But in Australia they say, "out bush."

I am so excited to watch conference here next weekend! I love it!

Phillip- I love you. Keep working hard. I know that Heavenly Father has you in Patio for a reason. Haha I can never remember the name of your area so I just call it Patio. Oh cool story, we got off the train in the city and there was a man there who needed help getting directions. He spoke Spanish so the Elders called Sister B over. (She speaks Spanish because they lived in Spain for 18 months.) Well it turns out that the man was from Peru! He was in Australia dropping his daughter off who is going to University here. Sister B introduced us as missionaries and before she could even say the name of the church, he said it. He has met missionaries heaps of times in Peru. We didn't have too long to talk to him after we helped him figure out where he was going because he needed to catch his train but hopefully he remember the nice missionaries who helped him in Australia and he will listen to missionaries when he gets back to Peru! Keep working hard! I love you!

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