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I'm going to the promised land... I'M GOING TO TASMANIA!!! - 4/21/14

Melbourne Mission Moments

What a crazy week it has been.

Monday for P-day we went bowling with our District which was really fun! Hahahaha, Asians are terrible at bowling. It was so hilarious. We have four Asians in our district and we were all just cracking up at them. We played two games. I didn't do so well the first one but the second game I bowled 131! Unfortunately Elder Brown beat me by 1 point. Bummer. Monday night we had FHE with L and her kids. We watched The Testaments with them. I had just finished reading 3 Nephi so it was cool to watch the movie and be able to visualize everything that I had just been reading about. They loved the movie!

Tuesday morning we had our district meeting. After district meeting we came back to the flat and Sister B was feeling really sick. For several days she had been getting these really bad optical headaches. She was in a lot of pain and couldn't even open her eyes because she is so sensitive to the light. She also felt really nauseous so she slept the rest of the day. It gave me a lot of time to read and I ended up finishing the Book of Mormon. I read it in 34 days and it was incredible. I learned so much and my love for the Book of Mormon has grown even more. As soon as I read Moroni 10, I knelt down next to the couch and prayed to know again of its truth. That assurance came once again. I know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true. I love it.

Wednesday morning Sister B was still feeling pretty bad so she slept in until we had to go to our appointments. We had a lesson with J and made plans for her baptism. She was so cute. She just kept saying how excited she was to get baptized. After that we had to go to the doctor. The doctor thought that Sister B had some sort of sinus problem going on so she gave her some antibiotics.

Sister C and Sister Baker
Thursday we went to the mission office to pick up Sister C. She has been serving in Tassie but she came up Wednesday night because the temple session for departing missionaries was Thursday morning (they can't go next week because the temple is closed). Instead of flying her back town to Tassie for just a couple of days, she has been spending a day in several areas. It was so fun to have her with us on Thursday. Sister B was still not feeling well so we left her at a member's house so she could rest and Sister C and I went out to work. We went to the train station to do some finding and it was really awesome! We met some really great people! We even found two potential families to teach! Sister C is such a good missionary! I am so grateful that I got to spend a day with her and learn from her! A cool experience we had, as we were leaving our dinner appointment that night, we had literally just started driving down the road when I saw a man walking his dog. It was dark so I couldn't see him very well but I felt a prompting that we needed to stop and talk to him. So I pulled the car to the side of the road and Sister C hopped out and started to talk to him. I turned off the car and joined her. As we talked to him we learned that he is from Italy. He hasn't been in Australia very long but he told us that he had met missionaries in Italy before. We were able to set up a return appointment to teach him and his girlfriend this week! I'm so glad that I followed the prompting to stop and talk to him!

Friday Sister B was still sick so we were inside most of the day.  Anyway, that night we went to see J to make final preparations for her baptism on Saturday. When we walked in, she was sitting with her foot propped up and crutches next to her. WHAT HAPPENED?! was the only thought I had. Haha she stepped into a pothole on Friday and had totally sprained her ankle. It looked the way that John Schouten's did the couple times that he has had bad sprains. But regardless she still wanted to get baptized.

J got baptized Saturday morning. Everything went perfectly. We had two priesthood holders in the water to help her get down the stairs and back up which was a little different but everything went perfectly. J was so happy. And so was L. It was so good to see their family completed--everyone baptized. Sunday J was confirmed and then D was given the priesthood which was awesome! I am so so grateful for this family. They have been a miracle for me. So grateful.

J's Baptism!
So grateful for this wonderful family!

So, Saturday night we got transfer news. They called and told us that Sister B would be staying and that I would be leaving. I wasn't too surprised. But then the Zone Leaders called and said, "Sister Baker, we have some more transfer news for you... You're going to the promised land!" I'M GOING TO TASMANIA!!! I'm so excited!! Ah! What an adventure it is going to be! I am so excited. I know that the coming transfer is going to be amazing. I will find out tomorrow who my companion is and then I fly down to Tas tomorrow night!
Tasmania  is an island state--part of the Commonwealth of Australia.
It is located 150 miles to the south of the Australian continent
directly below Melbourne. It is part of the Australian Melbourne Mission.
I love being a missionary. I love this work. I am so excited for Tassie!

Love y'all heaps!
Sister Baker xxx

P.S. - Easter in Australia is crazy. I feel like they do way less to celebrate than we do in America. People just give chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies. But, they have like 4 days of holiday. Friday was a public holiday for Good Friday and literally it seemed like a ghost town. Everything was closed. Then they have Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday today so another public holiday 

Phillip- I know what you mean about how terrible it is when you have to go and drop someone. Terrible. Crab Beach looks awesome. When do you have transfers again? Do you think you'll stay in your area much longer. If not, keeping working hard until the day you leave. Something I have tried to live by is "Leave your area better than you found it." I love you and pray for you! And yes, I would love to come to Peru so you can show me some dirt. Hahahaha or is it jajajajaja?

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