Monday, June 3, 2013

Melbourne Missionary Moments - 6/3/13

Hello Family!

Well, this week has been really good. I am getting used to all things Australian and getting lost in the work here.

Sister Baker and  Sisters in her Flat
On Monday after we emailed we went to the shopping centre. We email from the library here in Narre Warren. We were with the other sisters in our flat. It is fun to have other sisters to spend time with and be in the flat with. I love both of them so it's really good. The shopping centres here are crazy (and yes, it is spelled centre here - it's weird). Anyway, the shopping centre is huge and has all the stores like you would expect in a mall but then there's grocery stores and everything connected too. It's different but I like it. I bought a blow dryer that had a diffuser with it so now I can do my hair curly. The blow dryer was $34 dollars so not too bad. Some things here don't seem too expensive but then some things are WAY expensive. Like hairspray. It's like $7 for a LITTLE can. Ridiculous. I will be using a lot less hairspray than I used to. Monday night my comp and I went to visit a bunch of Sisters that are on a list that the RS president gave us. They are sisters who haven't come to church in a long time. She wanted us to check on them and find out if they were interested in having Visiting Teachers assigned. We saw a few of the sisters and they were nice but said that they really weren't interested in the church any more. It's sad to see that happen to people. Hopefully we can help some of them to find their testimonies again.

Tuesday we didn't have any appointments so we spent the ENTIRE day tracting. It's weird to knock doors here because it is something we never did in Texas. A lot of people are rude and close the door in our faces. A lot of them are nice but give the "We're really not interested" answer. We did find a couple people on Tuesday though. One is named Jessica. She is 24 and super cute. She is Catholic but doesn't feel really dedicated it. She is getting married next year and is really interested in the temple and sealings. We get to teach her this week so we are praying that her heart is open and that she is accepting of the message. We also had dinner with some members on Monday night. They are an older couple (probably in their 60s). They made eggplant casserole for dinner.

Narre Warren Zone
Wednesday we had a zone meeting. It was super good. We set goals for our zone for this month and talked about the importance of having faith to be able to accomplish our goals. We also found out that this transfer is only going to be 4 weeks instead of 6. So we only have two more weeks of the transfer which is crazy. After Zone Meeting was over we all went to Hungry Jacks for lunch. It is a fast food place that is everywhere down here! I would say it's a lot like a Burger King. My companion and I ended up being there for almost 2 and a half hours GQing (golden questioning) people and we got some awesome contacts for people who we have appointments with this week. After that we went to the Narre Warren train station and did finding there. That was really successful too. We are slowly building our contact pool and hopefully some good investigators come out of it. It's hard to both be new in the area and trying to find people to teach. After that we had dinner with a family in our ward. They are a super awesome family. They have a girl living with them who is not a member. She wants to start meeting with the missionaries though so we get to start teaching her this week. Her name is also Jessica. They made a super good dinner- roast, au gratin potatoes and pumpkin. I've never eaten pumpkin like that. They kinda shred it up like you do a squash. It was SO GOOD—one of my new favorite foods. 

Thursday morning we had weekly planning. After that we went to an appointment with one of the new contacts we met. He was super sick (looked awful) so we just left him with a chapter of the Book of Mormon to read.

On Friday we did a lot of tracting again. One of the most annoying things about tracting is that a lot of people here have these screen doors where they can see us but we can't see them. It's really quite awkward. I never know where to direct my eyes or my voice and I have no idea who I'm talking to. It's annoying but oh well. We also visited the sweetest old lady in our ward. She is a widow and has the best attitude about life. She wants to do missionary work and help in any way that she can. The world needs more people like her. 

Saturday morning we taught Craig. He has been meeting with the Sisters that were in the area before us. Sister Lifferth came with us to the appointment. President and Sister Liffereth are really awesome and try to spend a lot of time out teaching with the missionaries. It was great to have her with us! Although Craig has been taught all the lessons by the previous missionaries we found out that he doesn't even know who Jesus Christ is or why he needs a Savior in his life. So we are basically starting over with him from the beginning. We taught him about the Godhead and left him with some scriptures in the Book of Mormon to read and we asked him to pray about it. He really has a real desire to learn so we are praying hard for him. Saturday was raining super hard most of the day. But we still went tracting and just got wet. We felt like we really needed to tract a particular street so we did and it was definitely a good choice. We have return appointments for this week with 4 different people there which is exciting! We never have that many people who are willing to meet with us.

Sister Baker and Companion
Sunday was a wonderful day. After church we had missionary correlation. It was good to finally meet the ward mission leader (he had been in America since we got here). He just got home from his mission like six months ago and he is super gung ho about the work and really willing to help us. After correlation we went out tracting for a couple of hours and then we went back to the flat to have dinner. Then we headed up to Wantirna to the mission president's fireside. They do the fireside to bring investigators and less-active members to. They talked about Jesus Christ and the spirit was really strong. They also had two recent converts speak which is really helpful for investigators to hear about how others came to the gospel. Then Elder Gui sang Savior Redeemer of My Soul. It was amazing. I love that song and I think half of the people there were crying. So yeah, it's been a busy but great week! 

Our flat is pretty big and pretty nice. We have a washer which is really nice. But no dryer so we have to hang dry EVERYTHING.

Enjoy your summer weather there. It's just getting into winter here.

Beautiful Australia!
One thing I learned this week: the moon is backwards here. It gets smaller from left to right instead of from right to left like it does there. Never thought about that before but it makes sense. Also as I've listened to people talk I've learned that the letter R is basically non-existant here. Instead of saying Car Park they say "caw pawk" and stuff like that. It's sweet as. ( <-- see what I did there :))

Anyway, things are going well. I am loving Australia and I am happy.

 The church is true. Heavenly Father loves us SO much.

Love you HEAPS!
Sister Baker

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