Friday, April 5, 2013

First Letter from MTC!

Family picture at Provo Temple right before dropping Lauren off at the MTC.

Lauren at the MTC!
March 28, 2013

Dear Family,

Wow! I can’t believe how much I LOVE the MTC so far! I’ve been happy ever since I got here and the spirit is SO strong. Phillip may want to be able to split his time between the Provo and Peru MTCs so he can experience it here. [Phillip is Lauren’s brother and got his mission call just a few weeks ago to Peru Piura. He enters the Lima Peru MTC on July 17, 2013.] It’s absolutely incredible!

So after you dropped me off I went in to get my books and name tags. I didn’t get many books, just a few pamphlets and things, which is good so I don’t have to stress about weight at the airport! Then I went to meet my companion and district. My companion is such a blessing! I already love her and we just get along so well! There are four elders and four sisters in our district. The sisters are all going to Melbourne and the elders are going to Fresno, California. I love the people in my district and think we will be great together. After that we met the MTC presidency then went to dinner. After dinner as we were walking out of the building, I saw Sister Tanner and Sister Benjamin! [Lauren’s cousins] We ran towards each other and hugged and hugged! While we were hugging I heard Lexie [Sister Benjamin] getting kind of emotional so of course I did too! Seriously it was so good to see them!

After that we had our first teaching experience. It was HARD, but good. After that we met our zone leaders and coordinating sister and they went over rules. Then we went to our rooms to finish unpacking and get ready for bed. I have SO MUCH stuff compared to my companion. Oh well…! We share a room with four sisters who are going to St. Louis. They are quiet but seem really nice. This morning my companion and I got up at 6 am so we beat the rush to the showers. We left our room about 7:15 for the day. That’s an hour and 15 minutes to shower and everything. You should be proud of meJ!

Anyway, things are going great! I love you all so much! Pray to our Heavenly Father. He hears us and wants to know what is going on. The church is true! Write me!

Sister Baker

P.S. Rumor is that all the Melbourne sisters are being reassigned. Supposedly we’ll find out next Thursday. I’ll keep you updated.

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