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I wish I could just shout the message we have from the rooftops and that everyone would listen! - 3/3/14

Melbourne Mission Moments

"O that I were an angel, and could have the wish of mine heart, that I might go forth and speak with the trump of God, with a voice to shake the earth and cry repentance unto every people!" Alma 29:1

I feel a lot like Alma lately. I love being a missionary and I wish I could just shout the message we have from the rooftops and that everyone would listen!

Sorry about not emailing until later last week. Monday was crazy and we were in doctors’ appointments a lot of the morning. The appointment with the respiratory specialist was in the city so it took us about an hour and a half to drive in there. Then we had to drive in the city. I was stressing out because there is so much traffic and there are trams driving everywhere and we were trying to interpret all of these signs to find out where we could park without getting our car towed away. Haha it was crazy. But yeah, after we got back from the city we tried to email but then the internet connection went kaput so I had to wait until Tuesday evening when I could use a computer to finish emailing.

The doctor ended up having Sister B take a pretty high dosage of cough syrup so she basically slept non-stop all of Tuesday and all of Wednesday. Seriously, she was awake maybe four hours total. Tuesday President and Sister Maxwell were gone at meetings from 8 am until 6:30 pm and since Sister B was asleep all day, I literally had the entire day to myself. I studied A LOT, did some laundry and made some beds, etc. Tuesday evening after their meetings, Sister C and Sister R came to the mission home and they stayed the night. It was so fun to see them. They are Sister Training Leaders in Tasmania right now and they were up on the mainland for MLC.

Wednesday I got to go out and do missionary work for the first time in 14 days! I have missed it so so much. Sister B had to stay in but the STLs came and did exchanges with us. Sister F stayed with Sister B at the mission home all day and I got to go work with Sister R. I love Sister R so much! Seriously, it is such a blessing to have her in my life. We spent the morning doing some service for one of their investigators. Then the rest of the day we were pretty much teaching all day. I had missed teaching so much! We had some really good lessons. It was also really fun to teach with Sister R again. We have come a long way since the MTC! We had some good laughs about how much we stressed in the MTC and how we were convinced we would never be able to actually teach real investigators. Turns out we can. The lessons we had that day went really well!
Really fun to teach with Sister R again!

Thursday morning Sister B was feeling better! HALLELUJAH! We had Zone Conference most of the day on Thursday. It was such a good meeting. I learned so much. We had Elder and Sister Taylor visiting the mission and they did some really good training that has changed my mission for the better. Elder Taylor is the area mental health doctor for the Pacific Area. I wish I could tell you all that I learned in Zone Conference but I will try to summarize some of my favorite points.

Elder and Sister Taylor
  • Matthew 11:28-30--has your burden been lightened? They talked a lot about this scripture and it means more to me now than ever.
  • What you're thinking will determine how you feel. Make sure what you're thinking is true. Challenge your negative thinking.
  • Unnecessary stress leads to distress.
  • The Lord judges on efforts not on results.
  • It's never as bad as it seems. Look at what's right, not at what's wrong.
  • Tell myself, "I will just keep trying to do the right thing and be patient for as long as it takes."
  • Ask myself, "Do I want to or do I have to?" If you're are doing something because you want to do it and not because you have to do it, it will be much more enjoyable and be easier to do.
  • There is value even in the worst day as a missionary: sometimes it proves you're not a "fair-weather" disciple
  • You are swearing when you make a categorical, black and white statement about something or correct others in a negative way.
  • If it's not important, let it go.
  • My job is to be the best companion I can be, not to fix my companion's problems or make her into a great missionary.
President Maxwell
  • He talked a lot about worldly success vs. true success
  • We already have the faith to serve, now we need the faith to succeed.
  • He shared about Eric Liddell, the runner in Chariots of Fire. I loved this quote from him, "For the first 10 meters I run as fast as I can. Then for the last 100 meters, with God's help, I run faster."
  • As missionaries, we have to run hard and finish strong.
  • Don't let other people or circumstances determine your success.
  • "Don't let yesterday keep tomorrow hostage."
  • If we always do what we've always done, we'll always get what we've always got.
I can't even adequately begin to share all that I learned. Needless to say, it was a wonderful meeting! After the meeting we ran back to the mission home to quickly pack up our things and then we left to go back to our area. Right off the bat we went to the train station to do some finding. I felt so on fire. I missed missionary work! I am so glad that Sister B is healthy now and that we can work again! Having so many days that we couldn't work has just solidified my desire to not waste a single day. I feel like my time here is going so quickly and I wish I could just make it slow down!

Sis. B is finally feeling better!

Friday morning we did our weekly planning. After that we were having a quick lunch before heading out. We were in the kitchen and I heard the phone ringing in the other room. I ran in to get it and as I was going around the corner I jammed my foot against the door frame. I don't think I've ever been in so much pain. It hurt SO BAD! I thought that my toes were broken and all day I could hardly put any weight on them. But by Saturday they weren't so bad. They are still really bruised (dark black and purple) and swollen but it's bearable. We did a lot of finding on Friday and visited some less-active members who we haven't seen in a while.

Saturday morning we went to a baptism. During the baptism I looked down and there was a big cockroach on sister Burton's skirt! Ew! It took everything in me to not absolutely freak out! We were both so scared by that little nasty thing. I almost just started laughing because we just didn't know what to do with it. She ended up flicking it away but then we didn't know where it went so I was afraid to put my feet on the floor. Luckily one of the Elders found it and killed it. All of this happened during the talks. So funny and so crazy.

After the lesson we had a lesson with Chung. It was good to see him since we haven't been able to in two weeks. We showed him the Restoration DVD and then talked about revelation through the book of Mormon. He is praying and reading but hasn't recognized his answer yet so we are trying to help him with that. We brought up baptism again and he is still really open to the idea of baptism but he just needs to recognize his answer first!

After that we had to go into the city for a follow up appointment with the Chinese Medicine doctor. Haha, he gave Sister Burton two more weeks worth of Chinese herbal medicine she has to drink. It is the grossest stuff ever. Haha, but if it stops the cough, it's worth it!

Sunday church was really good. Only one investigator came which kind of stinks but several less-actives that we have been working with came so that is really exciting! During Sunday School, there was another cockroach. Now I'm afraid the building is infested. You better believe I keep my bag on a chair or on my lap and not on the ground!

Last night was the mission president fireside. When I got there, I saw J! It was so good to see her! She looked so stinking happy! She has completely broken up with her partner and has moved out and is so happy. She is being taught by Sister S and Sister S and is getting baptized in May. She was going to get baptized this week but she wants her family to be there and they can't come until May. But regardless, I was so happy to see her. Also, our Peruvian investigator got baptized last week!

I am really looking forward to this coming week! We are going to work our little tails off and I know that we are going to see miracles happen. I love being a missionary so much.

Love y'all heaps!
Sister Baker

Phillip- Sorry to hear you were sick. No bueno! Not being able to go out and work STINKS! Also sorry to hear about that man in your ward dying. That's really sad. Good thing we know about the plan of salvation! :) Have a good week! I'm praying for you! Also, are all of your companions way shorter than you? jajajaja

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