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First Transfer in Australia - 12/23/13

Melbourne Mission Moments

Ah man. What a crazy week. I can't believe it's almost CHRISTMAS!! Honestly, I really can't believe it. Probably because it doesn't even feel like Christmas here.

So grateful to have been able
 to serve with Sister Stevenson!
So last Monday and Tuesday Sister Stevenson and I spent a lot of time saying goodbye to people. Not fun! I have grown to love the people there so much that it was really hard to say goodbye. We went to see some investigators we have worked a lot with as they have dealt with many challenges. They told me how much I have influenced them and the difference I have made over the last few months. It was really sweet how much they were truly grateful. They may not have joined the church yet, and might not anytime soon but I know that because of our love and service, they have become more prepared. Sister Stevenson is still there to take the reins now and I have complete confidence in her. She is such a good missionary.

American Peanut Butter!
The members in Churchill Park are so wonderful! They literally SHOWERED me with Christmas presents. So nice of them! I didn't even know where to put it all when I packed. One family in the ward who I love so much gave me a bag of presents. I decided yesterday morning to open one of them and it was a big jar of Skippy peanut butter! Oh what joy that brought me! Australian peanut butter is just not the same. It's actually a lot healthier. But I miss American peanut butter. So that was a happy surprise.

Our last goodbye on Tuesday night was REALLY hard. I was doing well and we were taking pictures and doing great but then it was time for us to leave. I started giving everyone hugs and I looked over at their 5-year-old. His eyes were all welled up with tears. That did me in. I was crying. It was terrible. I love that family so much! I want nothing more than to see them get sealed in the temple. They promised me that they would do what it takes to get there before I go home. That will be the happiest day of my entire mission. Ah, I love them so much. They are such a special family.
I love this family SO MUCH and the other families here!

So, my Golden was supposed to arrive on Wednesday but the ones flying out from SLC were delayed because of weather so while Sister Stevenson went to get her Golden, I spent the day with Sister F and Sister W. It was a good day and we were able to see a lot of miracles that day. I love those sisters.
I loved living with these Sisters!
Thursday morning I spent in the mission office doing work there until the new missionaries arrived around 2:00 pm. My companion is  from Wales but was born in England so she has an English accent. I love her! We are getting along really well and loving it here in Mooroolbark. On Thursday after some orientation we picked up our car and flat keys and headed out to our area. We have an almost brand new Toyota Corolla. It only has 2500 kilometers on it. It's probably the newest car I will ever drive in my entire life. We are living just outside of our area with another set of Sisters, Sister Z (from China) and Sister H (from Taiwan). They are funny and always speaking Chinese haha. Our flat is really nice. I will take pictures of it and send them to you. Ha funny story. Right when she got here I told my new companion that I am terrified of spiders and that she has to kill them for me, which she was fine with. So Thursday night we are unpacking and I am hanging up my clothes. I had my back turned away from the wardrobe and she looks at me and says, "Sister, don't move..." Naturally I freaked out. There was a big Huntsman spider crawling down the sleeve of my shirt! Ew! Haha I freaked out. It was bigger than a quarter and I did not like it.
With Sister Burton at the Melbourne Temple.
Our transportation for our new area!
Most of the day on Friday was our mission Christmas party. It was really good! Mostly I love being with other missionaries. It is so good to see people who you haven't seen in a while!  For the first bit they had a devotional with music and things. It was really good. Then they had a big lunch for all of us. Then we watched videos that each zone made and of miracle stories, took mission pictures in front of the temple, and had a talent show. At the end, they gave us our Christmas presents. Every single missionary got something which was awesome. We all have a red box from the mission. I don't know what it is but it is so nice of them! I'm trying really hard to wait until Christmas. I also got the package from you guys. Thank you so much for sending it! I can't wait to open it on Christmas! We were all at the mission office until about 6:00. After that we were able to go meet Bishop Beckwith. He and his family are so wonderful! They invited us to come over on Christmas so that will be fun!

We've tried to spend a lot of our time visiting members and getting to know them which has been great. Everyone has been really surprised that there are sisters in the ward and they are really receptive. We had a dinner invite for Saturday night and also for tonight. We've been invited to a Christmas breakfast, and to a Boxing Day lunch. It's been great to feel so loved here. I was able to find somewhere to Skype on Christmas morning. I can't wait! :)

Besides meeting with members, we were able to teach one lesson on Saturday. The Elders taught them the first lesson but since they are girls, they passed them over to us. They are 17 year old twins and their 14-year old sister. They are Burmese? And I don't really know where it is except that it is near India. They are really great! We reviewed the restoration with them and showed them the DVD which they love. We invited them to be baptized on January 25th so we are looking forward to that!

Yesterday morning I was able to finish the Book of Mormon. I am SO grateful for the Book of Mormon! It has blessed my life so much! I have such a strong testimony of its truth. I have become closer to the Savior as I have read it. I am so grateful for this Christmas time and the opportunity it gives us to celebrate Jesus Christ. And what a special opportunity I have to be able to share that with others. I love being a missionary. I love you all so much and hope your Christmas is the best! Can't wait to Skype!

Love y'all HEAPS!


Sister Baker xxx

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